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This Is fun [Wednesday
September 27th, 2006

put your playlist on shuffle and write the first song that comes up in the spaces below.


Opening credits: D.S.W.G.(Dark Skinned White Girls) Murs/9th wonder

Waking up: Rhythm of my heart-Rod Stewart

Average day: Goodbye-Kevin Shields

First date: Suedehead-Morrissey

Falling in love: When I think about Cheatin-Gretchen Wilson. (hahahahaha)

Fight scene: Victim Convienence-The Faint

Breaking up: This is not an Exit-Saves the Day 

Getting back together: Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister-MInus the Bear

Secret love: Sissyneck-Beck

Life's okay: Such Great Heights-The Postal Service

Mental breakdown: Cast NO shadow-Oasis

Driving: The Reflex-Duran Duran

Learning a lesson: With Bees(Outro)-Neko Case

Deep thought: Jesse and my whetstone-saves the day

Flashback: Your Ex-Lover is Dead-Stars

Partying: Groovy  is my name- the pizzicato five

Happy dance: you're the one for me fatty-morrissey

Regretting: Criminal-Fiona Apple

Long night alone: life is a pigsty-morrissey

Death scene: knives out-radiohead

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Whomp Whomp! [Thursday
April 22nd, 2004

I'm rather selective with my friends.

It could go either way.
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